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Well Permit Applications

Applications for permit to drill are posted for public comment as per Idaho Code §47-316(1)(c). The comment period is open for 10 business days.

Comments can be submitted online on the Idaho Department of Lands Contact Us page or to

Additional contact information is available on the Contact Us page.

Snake River Oil and Gas, LLC – Dutch Lane #1-13 – Proposed TD 4,575′ MD

Type of Application: Application for Permit to Drill Ι Application 

Status of Application: Approved on 11/17/2021, see Dutch Lane #1-13 well file page for more information 

Date Application Received: 10/29/2021

Date Application Posted: 11/01/2021

Date Comment Period Ends: 11/16/2021 

Comments received:

11/03/2021 – Idaho Department of Water Resources

11/16/2021 – James Piotrowski / CAIA


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