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2023 Oil & Gas Administrative Hearing Schedule

Applications and supporting documents shall be submitted to the Department at least forty-five (45) days prior to the hearing date or be continued to the next scheduled hearing date. For further guidance regarding the hearing process, please direct any questions to the Department prior to submitting an application.

Hearing dates, times and locations are scheduled on a case-by-case basis and are subject to change. Please refer to the specific case hearing notice for more information.

Hearing DateDeadline to submit applicationsStatus
01/12/202311/28/2022Docket No. CC-2022-OGR-01-002 – Notice of Evidentiary Hearing and Prehearing Conference
02/09/202312/23/2022No application rec’d; hearing cancelled
02/28/2023Docket No. CC-2022-OGR-01-002 – Continuance and Notice of Continued Hearing



01/23/2023Docket No. CC-2023-OGR-01-001 – Notice of Hearing to Determine “Just and Reasonable” Factors
04/13/202302/27/2023No application rec’d; hearing cancelled 
05/11/202303/27/2023No application rec’d; hearing cancelled 
06/08/202304/24/2023No application rec’d; hearing cancelled
07/13/202305/26/2023No application rec’d; hearing cancelled 
08/10/202306/26/2023No application rec’d; hearing cancelled 
08/22/2023Docket No. CC-2023-OGR-01-001 – Hearing Rescheduled

Docket No. CC-2023-OGR-01-001 – Notice of Rescheduled Evidentiary Hearing

09/14/202307/31/2023No application rec’d; hearing cancelled
10/12/202308/28/2023No application rec’d; hearing cancelled 
10/24/2023Docket No. CC-2023-OGR-01-001 – Notice of Rehearing
11/09/202309/25/2023No application rec’d; hearing cancelled
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