Class II Injection Well (UIC) Application Update

On Friday, September 27, the Department received confirmation that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) received hard copies of the following from AM Idaho regarding the class II permit aquifer exemption:

  • A cover letter signed by Scott Ricks
  • 7520-6 Permit Application for a Class II Well (2x)
  • EPA – Underground….Application number ID2D001-A (spiral bound, 2x)
  • Aquifer Exemption Request Willow Sands – AM Idaho (spiral bound, 2x)
  • Flash drives (2x) containing the folder structure.

These documents were received on Monday, September 23, and are in the possession of the EPA Region 10 office.

The receipt of these documents provides a complete Class II injection well (UIC) application for the EPA. This will allow the EPA to move forward with their evaluation of the class II permit application from AM Idaho.

The Commission and the Department are not a party to this application and we do not have these documents, however we are following the process closely.